Rogue Samurai Joined the Old Breed for Honor Cup

The Rogue Samurai ladies had the honor of joining the Marine Corps Old Breed in the Honor Cup.  The Honor Cup is the premier rugby tournament for those in service.  This tournament included teams from all military branches, police, firefighters, and the British Army.  The tournament was amazing but the environment and camaraderie were unmatched by any other tournament. 


The weekend started the with the Old Breed heading to Arlington National Cemetary where the team visited the sites of fallen Marine Ruggers.  Old Breed was founded by a group of Marine Rugger that came together after one of their fellow Marines, Lt. Col. Kevin M. Shea, fell on September 14, 2004, his birthday in Iraq.  The visit to Shea's grave site brought tears to many of his fellow Marines eyes.  This heartfelt moment was a great way to begin the tournament.  It reminded everyone of the sacrifices that those who are in service submit themselves to every day to make life better for the average citizen.  

All of the Old Breed teams met in D.C. for dinner.  The ladies were introduced to as the new players for Old Breed and were welcomed into the family.  After dinner, everyone walked down the street to the Marine Corps Barracks 8th and I to watch the parade.  This continued the theme of the weekend.  It was a great experience for the team. 

Saturday morning the team met at the field ready to play.  The ladies played the Wandering Warriors in their first game.  They put up a good fight against a really good team but ended up losing the game.  Many of the ladies expressed how honored they were to have gotten the opportunity to play against former USA players.  

The ladies supported both men's teams in their games and then everyone headed to the Wales vs South Africa match.  The Old Breed was honored at halftime with an extensive video presentation.  

After a long night of team bonding, the ladies played Ft Bragg on Sunday morning.  It was a great game in the mud. Players persevered on a field of water 6 inches deep.  The tournament ended up getting rained out for the rest of the day.  


This was the first time that the Rogue Samurai has played 15's. Rogue Samurai players played very well and are now planning to play in Cam Am's in Saranac Lake with the Old Breed.  The tournament is July 27-July 29 th.  


Honor Cup was an amazing experience for the Rogue Samurai.  Thanks to the Old Breed for inviting the ladies a giving the team the opportunity to experience what it feel ike to take the field for an honorable cause.