Rogue Samurai News

Las Vegas Invitational

This week the Rogue Samurai Women played in Vegas 7's.  The team had a very good showing.  We had players of all different levels of play and each player rose to the occasion.  The week started with a late night practice where players from all parts of the country had the opportunity to meet each other.  


The first game against Chicago Lions proved to be a good test for the Samurai.  Several players showed what they could do on the pitch and proved that the Samurai was the team to beat.  Jetta Owens from the Virginia Tech Women's Rugby Team was a key player in this match.  Jetta was very instrumental in implementing the game plan and leading the Rogue Samurai to their first win in Vegas with a score of 31-5. 


The second game was against the North Carolina All-Star team. This was one of the harder games of the week.  We got to see Stef Evans of Fort Bragg impose her will on the other team.  She drew a lot of defense which allowed us to find space.  "Bird" was also a key player in this game.  She came into the game and injected pace where we needed. We ended up beating NC 31-15 and moved on to our 3rd game. 


Game 3 was against the Rugger Duckies and Rogue Women persevered through a close first half.  This game saw Kirnjot Kaur from Virginia Tech shine at the scrum-half position.  She was key in getting quick ball out to our Tiger Rugby Fly Half "Liv".  Liv dominated the game by finding space and demanding attention.  She also stole a lot of balls giving us more time on offense and keeping the pressure on the opposing team.  Kate, our Marine, had several long runs and scored a key try to seal the game.  Rogue won this game 21-7


Going 3-0 the first day set Rogue Samurai up to be the top seed for the second round of play.  Rogue played Iesepo first in the second round.  Rogue had a hard time finding their rhythm this game and received a yellow card.  This put the team on its back foot for most of the game.  Liv had a few strong runs and scored a try that was called back.  This try was key as rogue lost by 5.  We were plagued by penalties this game and couldn't seem to come back.  


Losing in the semifinal by 5 was hard but the Rogue ladies bounced back in the 3rd place game.  Several players played extremely well and lead the Rogue to a win.  Myriah made several try-saving tackles in the first half and scored a 50 meter try up the touchline.  Monique Mcqueen of NOVA rugby showed a lot of leadership on the pitch and had several runs on the weak side to set up tries.  Rogue won this game 39-5.  


Coming away with 3rd place was not the goal of this tournament but 3rd place was a good place to be in.  The Rogue ladies played very well and only dropped one game.  Rogue is and will always be a force to be reckoned with.  With the goal of improving each tournament, we plan to win our bracket in Cape Fear.  Come join us