Stephanie Evans

Steph Evans joined the Rogue Samurai this winter and proved to be a huge addition to the team.  She was an anchor on offense and defense for us.  Her home team is Ft. Bragg where she is the Captain.  Steph is a unique find for the Rogue Samurai as she is also the owner of 



Ruggette RFC boasts that they are "an ethically produced apparel for the way you play".  The company really caters to women and how women are looked at in the sport of rugby.  The company is currently working on producing a pair of custom girls rugby shorts designed with the input of hundreds of female rugby players from all over the world.  Ruggette feels that women should not have to go out of their way to find apparel. 


We are very proud to say that we have a leader in the sport for women join our ranks.  Women's rugby is continually growing and should have the same options that the men have.  Steph and Ruggette are leading from the front and the Rogue Samurai will definitely stand behind their every move. 


Go to and support a fellow Rogue Samurai