March 2-3 Rogue Samurai Women will play in the Las Vegas Invitational 
April 21, 2018 - Rogue Samurai are looking to place a teams in West Virginia 7s tournament
July 7-8 Rogue will be entering teams in Cape Fear 7s.  This will be one our biggest tournaments of the year.
June 24 2018 - Harrisburg 7s
Feb 2019 - Trip to Okinawa to play in Japan Invitational 7s tournament

Nov 2018 Rogue Samurai fielded 4 teams for Ny 7s.  All 4 teams made it to the a final.  The Men's Club team won the Plate Final

Jan 5 2019 - Rogue Samurai is headed to Florida to play a beach tournament (RAN 5s).  This tournament is played on Hollywood beach in the Miami area.  It

Jan 12, 2019 - Rogue Samurai will be defending our Men's and Women's titles at South Jersey 7s

Feb 28 - March 2018- Rogue heads back to Vegas 7s.  Last year our women placed 3rd and are planning to go back for the win this year

Games This Season

1. Richmond 7s - Rogue Women won first place

2. NY 7s - Men lost to Belgium in the semifinals 



3. NY 7s - Women lost in quarterfinals

4. NJ 7s - Women got first place

5. NJ 7s - Men got First place

6. NJ 7s - Men's B side got 2nd place


7. Las Vegas Invitational - Women finish in 3rd place with a 4-1 record

8. NY 7s - Women's Premier, Club, Men's Social teams played the Cup Final while the Men's Club team won the Plate final