Fitness is a key part of playing 7's rugby.  Since we all live in different parts of the world its impossible for us to work on fitness together.  Each of us has to be dedicated and committed to getting fit on our own. I will start posting fitness plans here for you guys and any other players that are interested in increasing their 7s fitness.  Please stick to the schedule.  I understand that we all have lives outside of rugby and may miss a few days but please set time aside for your workouts. 

Week 4-10  (3 times a week)

1. Start with a good 2-3 min jog

2. Run 5 100 meter sprints with a walk back to the start line. 

3. Run 5 50 meter Sprints with a walk back. 

4. Run 5 20 meter sprints with a Walk back.

5. Run 5 10 meter sprints with a walk back.

6. 3 Sets of 20 pop up lunges

7.  3 sets of 20 Leg Raises​

Training Schedule

Week 1-3 (3 times a week)

  1. 60 yard forward and backward shuttle. (5 sets)

    - set up cones 10 meters apart

    - Sprint forward from the first cone to the next and backpedal as fast as you can back to the starting line 3 times.  

     - it should look like this but a whole lot faster. lol 











2. 100-meter sprints (5 times)

   - 30 sec. rest between each one

3. 3 sets of pop-up lunges











4. 4 Count bodybuilders (2 sets of 10)